Creepers. In the beginning we did not know what to think about them, but since the platform sole is making a comeback and you see these shoes popping up in the street more and more often, we are starting to appreciate them more. In Belgium they are still rare. So it didn’t come as a surprise that Christiana is from Amsterdam. She clearly has her own style, which she describes as tough with a lot of vintage. We love the fishnet T-shirt she is wearing. Isabel Marant had a huge hit last summer with this T-shirt. I bought some (cheaper) versions myself, but in the reactions of my friends, I notice that this trend is not for everyone. Christiana has thus succeeded to style two special pieces in one cool and casual look. If you want to know more about Christiana’s style, you can visit her Tumblr page.

Leather jacket: Vintage
Jeans Jacket: Levi’s
Hoodie: New Yorker
Fishnet tank top: H&M
Pants: Primark
Creepers: e-bay
Bag: H&M

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