In the mean time we are back in Ghent and what we run into here is definitely as good as Paris. How beautiful is this bomberjacket, spotted at the opening of the Tommy Hilfiger Denim store? A random find of Yannis at a flea market in LA.

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G-star Make-Over


Pieter and Louic are two best friends. They just came back from the G-star store where they got a restyling. ‘We are both interested in fashion and trends but never find the will or the time to go shopping. When our good friend Filip invited us for a restyling in the G-star shop we immediately said yes. We are especially happy with our new denim pants.’ The Type-c denim by G-star has a very unique look. The low back pockets resemble a workman pants. It’s a tapered fit model that creates a baggy look while keeping it elegant. This look was created by G-star using 3D construction. Thanks to this technique the seems in the jeans make a little twist, so the denim fits the natural shape of the legs better. Never underestimate the power of a good jean!

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Furry Jackets


Great looks are timeless. That’s why we love to dive into our archive and see what looks or pieces survived the trends and are now more beautiful than ever.

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Face of nature by Domè

It has been five years since our best friends Emile and Domenico started working on an album. After many doubts and ups and down, they are finally ready to let the world hear their sound and we could not be more proud. Face of Nature is the first single from Domè and of course needed a video clip. Bram had the opportunity to make the video and chose our favorite city as a background. Enjoy the result of a lot of hard work and do not forget to follow Domè on Facebook!

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Amsterdams Blauw


Thanks to Amsterdams Blauw, the denim line of Scotch & Soda, I got the chance to delve into the roots of denim culture. In the Amsterdams Blauw boutique in Antwerp I recieved the exclusive ‘Sasuga’ pants, from wich they only produced  222 original copies. I am in the possesion of No. 25. An expert explained that this the ‘crème de la crème’ of denim. Amsterdams Blauw studies the roots of denim and brings back authentic weaving and dyeing techniques. The expert explained that a this unique jeans requires special attention. For example, I can never wash these pants. If they are dirty, I should simply put them in the freezer for a night to kill the bacteria. As a non-expert, I am struck by how good the fit and how beautiful the finish of these jeans is. The red detail when you turn the jeans, the copper coin I have to keep in my pocket so that it would fade into the jeans… Every single one of these details make it a unique denim. The most important thing about this blue jean is that they become even more beautiful the more you wear them. I’m already hooked and can not wait to see how these jeans will evolve over the years.

Jeans: Sasuga by Amsterdams Blauw – Scotch&Soda
Shoes: Moncler
Sweater: Zara
Coat: Vintage

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